Mocasa Partnered with Merchants in Manila

Mocasa Partnered with Merchants in Manila

Mocasa ("the Company"), the new provider of Buy Now, Pay Later service for Filipinos announced on March 18 that its platform has surpassed 10,000 merchant partnerships in Metro Manila since launching its service in January 2022. This milestone is achieved with a recent surge of interest from merchants in the food, groceries, health and beauty, mobile top-up, and other services sectors. The Company has gained tremendous traction in the buy now pay later market and cashless solutions for merchants and has received an increasing number of inquiries from merchants interested in offering their customers the ability to pay over time.

Mocasa App really stepped into the new normal by switching to lesser face-to-face transactions. Achieving the App's 10,000 merchants milestone just have shown beyond doubt that Mocasa effectively shows how true the App helped individual to pull through.

Over the months, Mocasa App has released new features on its App available in Google Play Store that gives its customer the flexibility to get what they want, when they want, with more control over their budget and cash flow. Mocasa Merchants are now rolling all over Metro Manila, most merchants can be found at the heart of the Philippines specifically Manila, Quezon City and Pasig.

Merchant benefits from Mocasa's buy-now-pay-later services because the Merchant's customers can now pay in credit upfront and repay over time without incurring interest charges. It provides the Merchant's customers with a streamlined, intuitive, and adaptable shopping experience. It also provides maximum flexibility and keeps the Merchant's customers returning for more. Mocasa keeps bringing new customers to the partnered Merchants via Mocasa App, website, and paid traffic, among other channels. For all sizes of businesses. Users are free to pay their purchases on Mocasa app in online stores via the embedded Mocasa payment option; for payment that happened in-store, users can just pay by scanning the QR code over the counter.

"Mocasa will be dedicated in onboarding all kinds of daily-life scenarios, and double the merchant amount in the next quarter, so that our users can shop in Mocasa partnered merchants in every corner of Metro Manila", said Julien Chien, the COO of Mocasa, "from Q3 of 2022, Mocasa service will be available in areas outside Metro Manila when we onboarded merchants there to make every Filipino can enjoy the benefits of buying now and paying later."

Okada Manila Delivers Exceptional Q4

Okada Manila Delivers Exceptional Q4

26 Capital Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: ADER), a Nasdaq-listed special purpose acquisition company ("SPAC"), today announced the fourth quarter and full-year 2021 financial performance of Okada Manila, the property operated by Tiger Resort, Leisure and Entertainment, a wholly owned subsidiary of UE Resorts International, Inc. 26 Capital Acquisition Corp. previously announced its plans to merge with UE Resorts International, Inc. later this year.

Okada Manila, one of the premier destination casino resorts in Asia and the largest integrated resort in the Philippines, surpassed its total revenue and adjusted EBITDA guidance previously disclosed to 26 Capital stockholders in October at the time of the merger announcement.

Fiscal year 2021 total revenue of $399.6 million1 exceeded prior forecasts by $82 million1 and increased 24% over 2020. Adjusted EBITDA for FY2021 topped projections by 122%, coming in at $46.8 million1, or $72 million more than 2020, primarily due to a very strong performance in gaming in Q4 and as a result of significant cost reductions implemented by management.

Fiscal year 2021 total revenue of $399.6 million1 exceeded prior forecasts by $82 million1 and increased 24% over 2020. Adjusted EBITDA for FY2021 topped projections by 122%, coming in at $46.8 million1, or $72 million more than 2020, primarily due to a very strong performance in gaming in Q4 and as a result of significant cost reductions implemented by management.

Additionally, non-gaming revenue increased by over 30% from 2020 to 2021, indicating a strong rebound in demand for the property's numerous non-gaming offerings, including its Retail Boulevard, luxury spa, dining options and the Cove Manila beach club.

The resort had over 761,000 visitors in Q4, compared to 304,250 visitors in Q3, and its total revenue increased by 74% over the same period, from $85 million2 in Q3 to $148 million3 in Q4.

Okada Manila ended the fourth quarter as the clear market leader with a market share of 36.5% in Entertainment City for the month of December according to analysts' research. This result illustrates the quality of the Okada Manila property and indicates its post-construction completion potential.

It's anticipated that Okada Manila's strong market position will be aided by the absence of additional competition in Entertainment City in the foreseeable future due to the scarcity of land available for development. Furthermore, when the Philippines fully re-opens, Okada Manila's margins are expected to continue to benefit from substantial long-term cost reductions achieved during the pandemic. As such, EBITDA is projected to exceed $500 million by 2025.

"Most companies acquired by SPACs are missing their guidance by a significant amount, but Okada Manila crushed it with the highest market share in December 2021," said Jason Ader, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of 26 Capital Acquisition Corp. "This impressive performance validates what I saw in Okada Manila when searching for a target for 26 Capital. I wanted a strong, progressive brand with a unique offering that would provide investors with a lucrative ROI, and it looks like my vision is on track to deliver. I expect that this positive momentum will continue throughout 2022, and Okada Manila will maintain its position as the market share leader in Entertainment City."

"Covid-19 restrictions meant that there was no international tourism in Q4, and the property operated with various restrictions, so it's incredibly impressive to see such outstanding results. I'm proud that the team has delivered an exceptional year, far exceeding our expectations, and I'm excited to see the numbers when things completely open up," Ader added.

At over 50 acres, Okada Manila includes approximately 35,000 square meters of gaming space with licensed capacity to operate 599 gaming tables and 4,263 electronic gaming machines. When the current construction is complete this year, the resort will have licensed capacity to operate 974 gaming tables and 6,890 electronic gaming machines. The property also includes two hotel towers with 993 luxury rooms, a retail boulevard with space for 50 shops, Cove Manila night club and indoor beach club, over 25 dining options, and one of the world's largest multicolor dancing and musical fountains.

"The performance seen in Q4 underscores people's desire to get out and spend money on leisure activities," said Byron Yip, President of Okada Manila. "We have ended the year on a high note, with Q4 demonstrating our continued strong execution and ability to bring best operating practices that maximize productivity across the full spectrum of gaming, hospitality, retail, and entertainment offerings. The fact that this significant improvement in our performance, when compared to the other casinos in Entertainment City, was achieved in one of the most difficult periods that gaming has faced in decades, is a testament to the team's hard work and the positive impact of a series of comprehensive initiatives implemented under my management."

"With the upcoming merger and our continued optimization or our gaming business and diversification of our non-gaming revenue streams to further differentiate the property, I'm more confident than ever that we will deliver sustained growth and strong returns for shareholders in 2022 and beyond," Yip added.

All information in this press release regarding the financial results of Okada Manila are derived from the preliminary financial statements prepared by UE Resorts International, Inc.

Philippine Airlines Plans Major Fleet Changes

Philippine Airlines Plans Major Fleet Changes

The Covid 19 pandemic adversely affected the Philippines Airlines, just as it did with hundreds of airlines worldwide. But the good news is that the Philippines Airlines continued operating, managing the situation admirably. As part of the aggressive restructuring program, the airline recently released some details on how it plans to manage its fleets. Analysts say the restructuring program will certainly lead to a smaller airline. The company plans to remove at least 22 aircraft from its fleet. The airline is also likely to slash more widebodies from its fleet. This basically means the airlines will drop 25% of the fleet.

In a recent news conference, the president of the Philippines airline, Mr. Gilbert Santa Maria, confirmed that the company would venture into a major restructuring path. The president said the company would soon release other details of the planned action. He confirmed that the fleet reduction program was on course. Analysts note that the company's latest move was widely expected after it acted to file a bankruptcy protection notice. The details of the bankruptcy move were, however, not clarified. The executive, however, made it clear the airlines would act to reduce its fleet by taking off 22 aircraft. This means the Philippines Airlines would run 70 aircraft, down from 92. The figure also includes aircraft with PAL Express, a subsidiary of the Philippines Airlines.

All the aircraft that would go off the list are leased planes that would merely return to the lessors. The media could not clearly say which types of planes would be retired. Experts, however, speculate the aircraft to be chucked off the list include the A350 and the widebody 777. At the moment, the airline runs ten 777- 300ER s; 6 of these aircraft are leased. The airline also operates 4 A350-900 aircraft; all these are leased. It was reported that- by May 2021- the airline was already discussing with several companies the procedures of returning at least two A350s and four 777s. The airline was also expected to cancel several upcoming orders for the Airbus.

The company runs 13 A321neos ordered from the Airbus Company. The Philippines Airlines was reported to have ordered 24 Airbuses. The deliveries- that followed negotiations with the Philippines Airlines- were generally expected to delay. Sources said the Philippines Airlines was granted the option to cancel some of the orders in case the delay extended to 2026. It's, however, difficult to ascertain precisely how many orders will be canceled. The airline's chief financial officer, Nilo Thaddeus Rodriguez, explained further: "We got the Airbus Company's support to postpone these deliveries- this also gives us the option to cancel some of the orders that delay past the year 2026 up to 2030. Everything really depends on how our restructuring plans shape up."

The Philippines airlines first filed for bankruptcy recently in the US. Generally, pundits say such a move will translate to the reduction of some $2 billion in the company's balance sheet. Plans to reduce the fleet followed soon after. The airline's major shareholder pledged to inject some $505 million into the company's long-term financing scheme. The shareholder and the investors would pump in a further $150 million to cater to new debt. While announcing the major cuts, Mr. Santa Maria expressed his belief that the airline will successfully complete the Chapter 11 restructuring program by the end of 2021. However, the company official does not expect the airline's revenues to return to the pre-pandemic state until after 2025.

The airline's managers hope that the slimmer fleet will help the company cope better with the significantly reduced demand for air travel. Mr. Santa Maria does not expect the airline to venture into major operational changes beyond fleet reduction. He further explained thus: "We're basically a traditional carrier. We want to reinforce our core business, improve our marketing strategy, improve our brand, and generally recover that way."

Interestingly, the Philippines Airlines plans to buy the new A350 XWB Airbus. The plan is the world's latest new-generation airliner. It's also the newest member of the wider Airbus widebody family. The plane features some modern aerodynamic designs, fuel-efficient Trent XWB engines, and carbon fibre wings and fuselage. The aircraft comes with several other advantages. This includes a 25% fuel burn and emissions reduction. It also comes with a significantly lower cost of maintenance.

Best Camera Phones 2021

Best Camera Phones 2021

Are you fed up with carrying around your camera wherever you go? Worry not; simply grab one of the latest 2021 camera phones, and you're done. You might soon have your point and shoot camera busy collecting dust.

In the 21st century, it can be correctly said that your phone is the camera you always carry. Thus, if you haven't upgraded yours in the last few years, you may be pleasantly surprised just how much the phone camera performance has greatly improved. One of the most improved features is the low-light image quality. It doesn't matter if you want a powerful selfie or a portrait photo- you're likely to find yourself spoilt for choice. But beware- not all phone cameras are exactly the same. You certainly need to have the top phone camera. The good news is that the world of technology is quite dynamic. Indeed, there's intense camera innovation among the leading manufacturers, including Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, and others. Most of these do not sell their phones in the US. Regardless, there are excellent phone manufacturers in the US who produce amazing camera phones. Among these are Apple, Samsung, and Google. You might find that the higher-end phones generally perform best. The gap is, however, closing fast. This is especially true if you have to take photos in good light.

There are also some less expensive phones that do well on the best camera phone market. One of these is the Google Pixel 5a; this is quite a great camera phone for its price range. But keep this in mind- one essential feature in any photo isn't usually the camera- it's actually the photographer. Hence, no matter what characteristics your phone has, always try to follow the camera expert's tips. This is precisely how to make your images sharper and better.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro is one of these convenient camera phones. It comes with class-leading battery life and highly promising cameras. The performance is conveniently swift. Yes, the Pixel 6 Pro is a true home run. This is one great phone for video creators and photographers.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro also packs the best camera stack on an Android phone. Not many years ago, the world witnessed a blossoming trend of phones that come with multiple lenses. Today many phones come with a standard lens, wide-angle lens, and a magnifying zoom lens. The Google Pixel 6 Pro's primary lens delivers crisp photos with excellent depth of field. These days people really love the super-high-megapixel camera phone. Unfortunately, the options for these are scant in the US. But there's a notable exception- the Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra. Of course, there's a certain advantage with high megapixels- they allow to crop and zoom images after taking the shot. You can also deliver some lossless digital zooming in the camera app without using an extra magnifying lens. But sometimes, the individual pixels be quite small; this can create issues with low light photography or colour capture.

And then there's the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Consider this among the best values for money. If you want to have the ultimate content creation machine, this is just the perfect machine. Needless to say, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has some of the best cameras with the longest-lasting batteries, and it's great for a superzoom. Next in line is Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Image. This is a phone that delivers real high-quality superzoom camera experience. And the camera is superbly multifunctional. Further, the device perfectly supports the excellent Samsung S Pen. It really sets the bar high for a powerful smartphone feature in these modern times. It's also a great mid-range camera phone. The phone's performance and speed quality are remarkably fast. You can enjoy all-day battery life. The camera can be described as highly innovative.

Next is the excellent OnePlus 9. This phone has been said to deliver a powerful flagship experience. This is one excellent wide-angle camera. It's fast-charging and has almost no bloatware. Consider also the Sony Xperia 5 II, and you have another attractive Android phone in your hands. Sony Xperia 5 II comes with excellent build quality. The cameras can simply be said to be capable. Some have said that the Sony Xperia 5 II's downside is that it's not 5-G enabled and has no wireless charging. Thus, it may not be so desirable to those who want the most modern device.

Another feature that's increasingly becoming popular is Superzoom. Most phones are today combining high megapixel zoomed-in images, optical lenses, and software to produce a 30x or 50x or better experience. This is true in the case of the Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra, which gives you 100x zoom!