Modern Technology for Top Filipino Companies

Modern Technology for Top Filipino Companies

Interestingly, emerging technology in the field of engineering is primarily responsible for developing new devices that will be used in the future to increase the level of productivity of many Filipino businesses. As a rule, most companies keep looking for new technologies that will compete with the top competitors in the market. This situation allows many companies to enhance their operation at a relatively low cost.

In the Philippines, companies are using modern technology to contest with their rivals to become more successful. They play a significant role in the creation of other companies. What are some of the benefits that companies get by introducing these new technologies? First, it facilitates the company's increasing productivity levels. It helps to manage the products by improving the effort of each employee. In terms of machines, these companies use the latest technologies to create efficiency and creativity among employees.

Modern technology helps to connect with everyone by working faster than ever. Due to their ability to solve complex equations, some of these devices-such as computers-help to speed up tasks requiring calculation and measurements. Generally, it supports this by enhancing new worker skills through the use of new technology. Many Filipino workers improve their skills by using this modern technology. It motivates the workers to do the best they can, learning and educating themselves on how to use technology in industries.

Further, it helps to provide quality services to customers or clients. The use of new communication machinery in most Philippines companies offers quality services or products to consumers. It increases the rate at which the provision of services or products reach the consumer. Also, the use of the latest technology helps companies to be competitive by delivering services without the need for personal service.

It also provides good security and offers electronic information concerning the companies. In the modern era, vandalism and harking are common security threats these companies are subjected to. This up-to-date technology is used to secure personal decisions, financial data, and other crucial information that can lead to a company's failure. This is done by putting passwords to ensure competitors do not access secret company projects.

Also, it helps in the work of researching and developing the company products or services. Such emerging technology assists the companies in conducting inexpensive developments and analyzing procedures. Some of the technologies that help research and explain the information to other businesses are biometrics, quantum computing, photonic computing, and nanotechnology. These technologies are commonly used in petroleum, chemical, and medical companies in the Philippines. They guide companies to develop their product more efficiently before bringing them to the consumer market.

Further, it leads to the expansion or extension of companies. Undoubtedly, emerging technologies- like artificial intelligence and automation - among Philippines companies- have become essential for this success. Companies can use a lot of money in the introduction stage but are guaranteed to enjoy benefits with time. This improves the overall status of the brand, making the company open other branches to satisfy the needs of consumers.

Also, technology increases engagement among employees. The latest technology allows them to work together by encouraging sharing of files and important information. It also reduces stress due to decreased workload by introducing automated processes that workers must learn. Workers are relieved when they finish their assigned tasks, and this makes them perform other work-related responsibilities by connecting with the internet.

Generally, technology creates awareness of a specific product by advertising it through the website page. The main advantage of the latest technology is that you can promote your product globally by merely pressing a button. This type of advertisement comprises social media platforms and websites. You can hire professionals or use DIY tools such as Squarespace or WordPress to create a website page for your company. Social media has other platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook accounts that they can open to advertise the company's products.

Overall, it becomes easy to access the company's data using modern technology. Due to the use of such technology in companies, it is easier to access information about the company's progress and financial capability. It offers a chance to compete with other companies in the market by producing accurate reports. Such emerging technology can be relied upon to execute several tasks instead of relying on others for information.

Small-Scale Businesses to Start in the Philippines

Small-Scale Businesses to Start in the Philippines

Research has shown that small businesses require little capital to commence in the Philippines. There are many examples of existing companies that are going on despite such small beginnings. Of course, there are certain challenges you can encounter when starting these businesses in the Philippines. As a rule, becoming successful in any industry means overcoming many challenges.

Think of it: Selling clothes online is one of those small businesses that anyone can start in the Philippines; it requires little capital to start. It's pretty profitable because many people keep shopping to refill their closets with new clothes. Using platforms like Instagram or Facebook to market products makes everything easier and cheaper. You merely need a sense of fashion in mind and a few pesos to commence this type of business.

As a suggestion, if you have a talent for picking fancy clothes from Ukay shops, turn it into a lucrative small-scale business. The shops sell their clothes cheaper compared to other suppliers and boutiques. The only challenge one can face in this type of business is the unavailability of different merchandise sizes for your clients. Thus, it's essential to include the specific size of a shirt or dress before posting it on social media platforms. Computer Repair and maintenance service is another type of business that you can start in the Philippines. Of course, it requires expertise and experience to troubleshoot computer devices. You can decide to offer door-to-door services or make your house a computer service shop.

Internet connection is another vital tool to run this type of business in the Philippines. Generally, social media is the most fantastic tool for informing clients about the services you offer. Some even advertise their business by posting on famous website pages to get more customers. To provide quality services to your clients, always stay up to date with the latest trends in technology. One major challenge you will likely face in this kind of business is meeting deadlines for increasing numbers of customers. Make sure you keep up with the clients' deadlines because their companies may depend on those devices.

Selling food on the street is another viable small business; one can do this mostly in public places like train stations, shopping areas, and schools. Generally, the indigenous Filipino people love street food- much like Juliet loved Romeo! As such, many people set up food carts to cook and sell foods like fish balls, chicken intestines, and hotdog sandwiches. Refreshments like bottled waters, bottled iced teas, and soft drink cans are also available. The challenge with this type of business is finding a suitable location for your cart. The site should be accessible to a large population of people for your business to be successful. Having the power of the garb is another powerful tool for calling clients who are likely to pass along the street.

Grooming pets like cats and dogs is yet another service you can rake in some income in the Philippines. This is because the Philippines is the sixth country with the highest number of dogs in the world. As a dog groomer, you have to acquire advanced grooming skills from other countries. Dogs with long hair must always be groomed regularly to avoid heatstroke due to the country's tropical climate. It's a great idea to have the appropriate tools needed for pet grooming. Nail trimming and ear cleaning are some of the grooming services you might offer as a pet groomer.

You can either provide a ";home for home"; service or create space in your house to start this kind of business. Apart from offering grooming services, selling grooming tools like nail cutters and combs could also be profitable. The challenge with this type of business is getting your first clients who can trust you to offer such services to their pets.

Finally, network marketing is another thriving business in the Philippines; you can earn a living by distributing goods or services directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. Traditionally, passing a product through intermediaries makes it more expensive. A multi-level marketing company pays its associates a percentage based on the products they sell. In contrast, a pyramid company pays based on the number of people you bring into business. Your only task is to educate people about the product or service that a company offers.

Millennials In Philippines SAY Pre-Owned Is More Sustainable

Millennials In Philippines SAY Pre-Owned Is More Sustainable

According to a new report published by Carousell Media Group (CMG) and IAB Southeast Asia and India (IAB SEA+India), a vast majority (99%) of Millennials in the Philippines felt that purchasing pre-owned items is more sustainable.

The report on the Millennial Motivations and Buying Behaviours Online across Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, conducted across five Carousell Group's markets - Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia (for both Carousell and platforms) and Vietnam (Cho Tot) with over 3,500 of its respondents, also uncovered that the global trend of recommerce - or the buying and selling of pre-owned items - is accelerating in this part of the world.

"Across all the local market research what was consistently obvious is that we are witnessing the explosive growth of recommerce as it feeds two key needs of consumers today; the demand for sustainability and the hunt for a good deal. This juncture of ethics and eCommerce creates fertile ground for retail media because of the interplay among customer data, closed-loop reporting, and real-world results that generate more and better data." Miranda Dimopoulos, Regional CEO, IAB SEA+India said.

The research uncovered that Millennials in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong were driving this explosive growth. In the survey, 84% of under 35s in the Philippines said that they sold their pre-owned items because it is better for the environment to sell their items than dispose of them. The Philippines ranked this as the most important reason, as compared to the other markets.

JJ Eastwood, Managing Director, CMG shared "Recommerce has become synonymous with sustainability and this research demonstrates how important this has become to young people across the region. As we see users spending more on high-value products like luxury, and cars in the Philippines, we also see them being increasingly conscious of where they spend their money. This presents a unique opportunity for brands to win the hearts and minds of this core consumer segment around issues they care deeply about."

This regional research establishes the audience profile in each market then explores income and spending habits, how the audience spends their time online, and offline, motivations to use buy-and-sell marketplaces as well as attitudes towards sustainability in relation to their purchasing habits. The report further deep-dives into some interesting local market insights.

Some key findings from the regional survey include:

95% of Millennials felt that purchasing pre-owned items is more sustainable with 50% feeling strongly about this. For the Philippines, it was higher at 99%.

Millennials overall, also cared more about social issues such as sustainability, social responsibility and climate change in comparison to over 35s.

The Philippines ranked higher than the regional averages when it came to sustainability considerations being factored in by respondents when they were selling an item. 84% of the respondents said that they use platforms like Carousell to sell products, with the intent of upgrading to something else, and because it is better for the environment to sell the item rather than dispose of it.

In the majority of markets, both those under 35 and over 35 are equally motivated to use the platform as the environmental impact is lesser when purchasing a pre-owned item.

Over 35s are significantly more motivated by promotions and sales when it comes to purchasing a luxury item whereas under 35s will save for a particular item.

Gaming, Mobile, Gadgets or Accessories is the top category in Electronic Items, followed by Computer Accessories and Home & Kitchen Appliances; these are all categories that facilitate entertainment, communication, virtual working and cooking as respondents spent more time at home due to COVID-19.

"This research captures a highly engaged millennial audience who are in the browsing and buying mindset, motivated by a great deal and their belief that purchasing pre-owned is more sustainable. In addition, when we took a closer look at the Luxury Category, we found that half of all respondents bought luxury items in the past 12 months. Singapore, Carousell Malaysia and Hong Kong are above the purchasing average; despite being in the midst of a global economic slowdown. This signals the rise of an aspirational consumer class." JJ Eastwood revealed.

Reckitt and Shopee support Filipinos against COVID

Reckitt and Shopee support Filipinos against COVID

Reckitt, the global leader in health, hygiene and nutrition, partners with Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan to launch its first "Protection Starts Within" regional initiative held across six markets. This collaboration aims to help families better protect their health and well-being by sharing educational content and tips on health, hygiene and nutrition. It will be launched on 21-23 June as part of Reckitt's Super Brand Day campaign in the Philippines, where shoppers can also access Reckitt's wide portfolio of family care essentials on Shopee Mall.

As the battle with COVID-19 persists, families are still placing high importance on upholding strict hygiene standards and ensuring proper nourishment is provided for. In times like this, more are turning to brands they can trust to meet their daily needs. Lysol driven by its "Disinfect to Protect" mission, continues to educate the importance of daily disinfection and make its line of surface disinfectants and multi-action cleaners accessible to its consumers.

To meet the growing demand for health, hygiene, and nutrition products online, Reckitt is constantly innovating to ensure that shoppers get the best experience from the brand. The brand will also educate customers about protecting and nourishing the family with Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro, Lactum 3+6+ and Lysol on Shopee Live. They will also share exclusive product tips and best practices for family protection through an educational microsite. From June 21 - 23, twenty lucky viewers on Shopee livestreams will stand the chance to win P300 off vouchers which they can use as they shop.

Muksitul Islam, ASEAN eCommerce Director at Reckitt, says, "We have seen the tremendous growth of our business online and are committed to serving the needs of customers. Reckitt is proud to partner Shopee in our regional Super Brand Day to reach more consumers across the region and in the Philippines. They can be assured of convenient and quick access to our entire portfolio of well-loved brands including Enfagrow Four, Lactum 3+6+, and Lysol that will help meet their needs. Through Shopee's engagement tools, our customers can also look forward to learning valuable tips on Reckitt's products, as well as best practices through a fun and engaging way."

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, says, "We understand that many people are still worried about the pandemic, and more are staying home to shop online for essentials. As part of the 7.7 Mid-Year Sale to give shoppers greater value, we're glad to partner with Reckitt to provide a wide variety of trusted household brands delivered directly to their home. As e-commerce grows to become an integral part of life, Shopee will continue to work with globally-trusted brands like Reckitt to ensure that shoppers can get convenient access to all that they need."

Reckitt is a global leading consumer health, hygiene and nutrition company. Driven by a purpose to build healthier lives and happier homes, Reckitt has operations in over 60 countries. From the foundations of wellness and infant nutrition, to the fundamentals of a hygienic home, our global brands help people live healthier, happier lives. Reckitt's unique culture is at the heart of its success. Its drive to achieve, passion to outperform and commitment to quality and scientific excellence are manifested in the work of over 40,000 Reckitt employees worldwide.

Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia & Taiwan. Shopee connects shoppers, brands and sellers across Asia and other fast-growing markets, empowering anyone to buy and sell anywhere and at any time. Shopee offers an easy, secure, and engaging experience that is enjoyed by millions of people daily. It offers a wide product assortment, supported by integrated payments and logistics, as well as popular entertainment features tailored for each market. Shopee is also a key contributor to the region's digital economy with a firm commitment to helping brands and entrepreneurs succeed in e-commerce. Shopee is a part of Sea Limited (NYSE:SE), a leading global consumer internet company. In addition to Shopee, Sea's other core businesses include its digital entertainment arm, Garena, and digital financial services arm, SeaMoney. Sea's mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology.